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E-Annex® is a solution, which has been developed to automate creation of Shipping Bill (For Exports) and Bill Of Entry (For Imports) Data to be transmitted to Indian Customs, printing of Common Declaration Form and documents like Exporter’s Invoice and Packing list, Manual Shipping Bill, GSP, AEPC, COO etc. Adequate care has been taken to minimize the data entry operations. This solution has been designed to reduce human errors, to being almost non-existent, which occur during the entry of the information in the Annexure. Shipping Bill and Bill Of Entry can be created by creating a new job directly in E-Annex. The job created for Shipping Bill and Bill Of Entry can be directly sent to Indian Customs via email from E-Annex. E-Annex reduces the operational cost by reducing the processing time and eliminating errors, which are very frequent when done manually. Eliminating repetitive data entry reduces the manpower cost.
  • Increases efficiency.

  • Decreases operational and manpower cost.

  • Reduces human intervention and error.

  • Gives powerful MIS reports.

  • Keeps a record of shipping bills sent with date, time and user wise.

  • Decodes the messages received back from ICEGATE/Customs and logs it into the Database system.

  • Multi user and multi branch version. You can prepare and file Annexures from a single branch for all your other branches. No need to keep dedicated staff at multiple locations.

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