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NETRA ® Ver 1.0 (For EDI between AIRLINES, Freight Forwarders, Indian Customs, AAI)

This product is a solution for various interactions, via EDI, between a Freight Forwarder, Airlines and Airport Authority of India (AAI). Freight Forwarders can use it for preparing and printing of Airway Bill, Bar Code labels for packets and transmission of Airway bill data, TC/TSP to Airlines and AAI. Airlines can use it for interaction between Freight Forwarder and AAI for transmission of Airway bill data, Booking, Carting order, binning (Location Details), X-ray details, Delivery Order, Cargo Arrival Notice, Gate Pass etc .

The salient features of this product are as below :

  • Prepare Airway Bill (both Master and House) and print directly on Original Airway Bills in single pass. Saves labour cost of typing on Typewriter.

  • Electronically submits Airway Bills and House Airway Bills data to Airlines through the Authorized Service Providers, to fulfill the Air AMS requirements of US Customs. Can Save you upto 5 Euros per House Bill !!!!!

  • Prepare and print Bar Coded labels for the packages as per IATA specifications given in Resolution 606.

  • Prints the Bar Code labels through ordinary printers (Inkjet, Laser etc.). No need to buy expensive thermal label printers. Saves tremendous cost and money.

  • Saves cost of printing by using ordinary paper in place of thermal paper.

  • Generate and print CSR and Freight Reports for Airlines.
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