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I-CAFFE® (Customs And Freight)
I-Caffe® is a multi user, multi location software for Cargo Industry. This solution is an extremely comprehensive, unmatchable, complete solution for Cargo Agents, which provides total control on operations, accounts and business decisions of a Cargo Agent, with single as well as multiple offices.

The objective of this software is to provide personalized services to the customers irrespective of the size of company, alongside an extremely powerful management of Information Exchange and Operational Control Systems at every stage of operation.

It is complete and integrated solution to manage all activities associated with Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding activity in India with online connectivity of various offices. The Software has been developed, with the feedback from persons having years of experience in Cargo trade and an aptitude for processing of data and managing activities electronically in order to achieve smooth functioning of an agency broadly covering the following functional areas:

The salient features are as below :
  • Quotation management

  • Manage complete air exports line of business – from maintaining shippers, Buyers, Consignee, Sub Agent, freights and airlines details, shipment registration, process via custom clearance, govt. clearances, billing, invoicing and final delivery to the end customer.

  • AWB Management, generation and printing of AWB

  • Flight Booking Management

  • Warehouse management

  • Pre and Post Shipment documents management

  • Shipment Tracking till it reaches destination.

  • Integrated Accounts and Payroll.

  • Sea Shipments

  • Generate and print Bill of Lading.

The benefits of I-Caffe are many and the returns on investment can be broadly classified as :

  • Reduced manpower costs due to automation of processes

  • Quick response to prospect inquiries and customer opportunities means more business

  • Reduced manual and paperwork helps in reducing errors and rework, increase productivity

  • Complete and instant tracking of shipments helps to keep the customers happy and hence ensure repeat business. Overhead costs associated with acquiring more business (customer visits, frequent contact by phone and so on) also gets reduced.

  • Complete visibility of current business status and accounts helps in taking quick business decisions

  • Recording receiving of various pre-shipment documents

  • Managing Pickup requests

  • Managing warehouse, weight and measurement operations integrated with AWB/HAWB preparation

  • Simultaneously working with alternative options of carriers

  • Integration of EDI data with AWB data

  • Flight tracking and information feedback

  • Complete view of all shipment related information in one docket (S/B, invoice, AWB, Flight info, etc), at every stage of operation, on a single screen to provide an extremely powerful customer service tool.

  • Various documents associated with a particular shipment can be tagged electronically for error free handling of shipments

  • Shipping bills filed through EDI associated with a shipment are automatically tagged with the AWB.

  • Airway bill booking by shipper

  • Subagents AWB stock maintenance

  • Automatic AWB preparation, printing and accounting

  • Cargo Sales Report (CSR)

  • Tie up Agent/ Overseas office statement

  • Subagent statement

  • Incentives maintenance

  • Credit notes

  • Complete accounting package to suit specifically the needs of freight forwarding business with multi location and multi division activity.

  • Managing the accounts of individual profit centers combined with common accounting books

  • Prepare/ view trial balance/ profit and loss/ balance sheet for individual profit centers as well as entire company.

I-Caffe is designed to cater to all categories of agencies ranging from a small one location company to a larger ones having multiple offices and multiple activities with online access to each one.

I-Caffe enables complete control on the operations, accounts and business processes of a freight forwarder. It provides a personalized service to the customers and enables to respond to customer’s inquiries instantly.

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